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A sense of ownership is key to maximizing self-discipline, responsibility and profitability. To spice up your seminar, add a level of creativity, humor and military precision call EduCamp! You will be glad you did. Educamp Services, is also the team who brought you the book, "HEALarioUS Reasons To Stay Married". See www.justhealarious.com.

Customized facilitation might include experiential learning, self- reflection, large group experiences, team building and others. An appreciation of various learning styles and multiple intelligences are fundamental to the development of our offerings. We make our seminars and other offerings timely, practical and age/group appropriate so it becomes an immediate resource to participants.

EduCamp provides employment, education and leadership programs for groups and individuals. We work with schools, teachers, organizational retreats, military groups, social, youth, and community organizations, and individuals to motivate and engage participants. Excellence is the difference. EduCamp experience is designed to add measurable value, prove to be relevant, practical and immediately usable for clients.

Below are a few of the relationships EduCamp Services seeks to build in order to provide a broad spectrum of knowledge, skills and experience.



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